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my blog has moved to Life on Maple where i hope to interact more with what it's like to live in the city...enjoy!


islam is a vry gd realign but there fahter is a mad men who has lost it there mother should have prtctd thm if the girl gose with a non muslim r even a muslim they still would be killed why? cause they r afraid that ppl around thm will talk shit and say they cnt control there children and these ppl r sick poor galz hope god gives u heaven it its not islam even in india gals r burnd with there husbands tats not islam for centurys ppl have been against women even in the western culture

well i guess we all know that a Pork is a Pig and a Swine that means clean all the corrals of pgregiy since it was the possible cause this concern about Health to ensure the cleanliness of the Food delivered to consumers as well as the workers and operators of the Pig Industry double the safety and inspection and for now we had to be more cautious about health measurements cut down the source of the said product check it if it's pass USDA don't buy untrusted food that did not check by USDA limit the import of food outside the US or limit the consumption of the meat if you wasn't sure where it came from not unless it is ours American Farms be informed get ready get help or advisory from health experts and be more careful of what you eat and drink and dont go places where do you think it's unsafe or if you know where this places closely to the outbreak could be where the wind came from the source of the virus spread by the wind get it

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