If You Give a Pig a Pancake

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7.25 027.jpgI was reading Joanna the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake the other day. This is another book by Laura Joffe Numeroff with a similar story line to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. As I read the book I began to realize that I was the little girl in the book...and Joanna was the pig. Much of the day, for the mother of a toddler, is spent trying to keep up with the energy, passion, sporadic, destructive nature of her toddler. Some days I feel like all I do is clean up messes: alphabet magnets on the kitchen floor, poopy diapers on the changing table, potty-training accident on the couch, toys and beads and stuffed animals in Joanna's room, spit-up on my clothes, blocks and puzzle pieces on the living room floor, dirty dishes and counters in the kitchen, TONS of laundry.

7.25 033.jpgBut in the midst of all of that...Samuel smiles and laughs when you make faces at him. Joanna and I crawl around pretending to be monkeys, hide behind the chair eating kangaroo food, sword fight with various Mr. Potato head parts. We sing made-up songs and use silly words. And I watch Joanna run out to meet Daddy coming home from work (no matter how fully clothed she is) and smile, with such a deep joy in my heart.

Discipline is hard for me these days. I am often quick to correct, beg, and plead, but can be slow to spank. Thus Joanna continues to say "no," speak disrespectfully, and not obey the first time. Good discipline is SO hard!!! I've got to pray more for God's long-suffering, patient, love to flow through me.


Motherhood seems to be a great reminder of the delight God can have in us as well as the frustration. Joanna makes her messes with beads and a wet pull-up while we make ours in more complicated ways. And moms-like God-have to forgive, discipline, and teach constantly. Seems so hard to be a mom, but it's good to know that it's worth it. ;)

Sarah, This is Emma, Kirk's cousin,
Keep it up. It's hard, but when you see the rewards it is so worth it. Hope you can get a little encouragement from another mom. Being consistent with discipline is one of my daily struggles also.

For what it is worth I think you'd doing a great job being a mom--- your kids are awesome and so full of joy. I have huge respect for you taking on motherhood. Enjoy your kangaroo food! Thanks for the hang out time!! (Do you think Joanna's next pets should be crickets- I guess she could name them all "Sally".

On Saturday night, nine of us (4 adults, 5 kids) went to a Chinese rusraetant in Blacktown. It was for a birthday celebration, though it also happened to be Chinese New Year. We got there early and were lucky enough to see a fireworks celebration and a lion dance. The kids sifted through the mounds of red paper left after the firecrackers had gone off and they found two unexploded firecrackers which they kept for later.The rusraetant was packed, mostly with Chinese families, but fortunately we had booked a table for 7.30pm. We spoke to three waiters, each of whom promised to find another waiter to take our orders, but after an hour we had received no service, so we all got up and left. We joked about how we had spared the kids seeing a live lobster get killed, but really we were very upset at the lack of service.We were all desperate to get something to eat, and we were thinking especially of the kids who were getting very fidgetty. Fortunately there was a grill nearby which took us in. The waitress was very pleasant, and we started off with garlic bread, but unfortunately, we later worked out, this was a ploy to keep us there, because they too took another hour to bring us the main courses. Two of us shared a $70 seafood platter. At the end there was a huge mound about half a kilo of mixed lettuce. We felt ripped off.We were all pretty disappointed by service from both rusraetants. The avarage main dish in the Chinese rusraetant was about $18. The average dish in the grill was about $22. My advice to anyone dining out in Sydney avoid Blacktown.

Happy New Year everyone! I kick off the new year with an asemowe wedding at Santana Row for Joanna and Alfred. If you haven't seen their engagement photos from last year, you can see them here.

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