New Location

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my blog has moved to Life on Maple where i hope to interact more with what it's like to live in the city...enjoy!

WOW! 8 months

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As you may have noticed I never blog anymore...and I never feel guilty about it. I can't belive that in my last entry we had just moved into our house. I'll try to blog more because I really feel like God is taking us in wonderful directions. But today's blog isn't so much about that as it is about $$$. Just kidding...kind of.

As a way to make a little extra money in the hopes of one day being able to save us and go visit Meg in TZed I've been trying to figure out how to make some extra cash without having to find someone to watch the kids. So I've started a Cooking/Craft Club (no official name yet). Today was the first day. I have two girls signed up so far, Maya and Aissa (plus Joanna and Sam). Today we made suncatchers and stained-glass cookies. The suncatchers went off very smoothly. The cookies not so much. I would advise following the directions more carefully than I did. I remember making these cookies as a kid and we'll definitely do it again...making sure to roll the dough to 1/4 inch (not thicker) and remembering to put paper onto the cookie sheets (all the candy stuck to the cookie sheets). So here's to $20 to stick in my piggy bank.

5053 Maple

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We moved! Come by for a visit!5053 maple.jpg

Our kitchen is yet to be finished so we're using the third floor bathroom with a mini-fridge and when you come to visit bring food. :)12.31 269.jpg

Joanna turned 3 last month and asked for a blue castle cake. 12.31 041.jpg

Sam is 10 months old and 24 lbs.12.31 070.jpg

So much to do...

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grannysquare hat 032.jpg little time. I feel so overwhelmed these days. Wake up...take a shower...feed the Sam...feed the family...change the laundry...wash the diapers (I really do love my cloth diapers)...change diapers...feed lunch...nurse the baby...put Sam down for 3 naps...put Joanna down for a nap 3 times before falling asleep...drink tea...change diapers...make dinner...clean up the house...drink more tea...have my devotions...change diapers...send Joanna out to welcome Daddy home...change chores...relax with my ice cream...sleep. There are some things that you may noticed don't get done like dressing the children, doing the dishes, exercising. We're stressed out a lot these days about our house-buying process. But this anxiety forces us to humbly turn to God for peace and wisdom. And God, as always, is faithful to lead and to guide and to give peace. And to give joy. Though my life may seem mundane sometimes or frantic, I love my family, I love my job as mommy, I love my job as cook. I don't love my job as house-keeper but such is life.

Which brings me to the original purpose of this blog...I love my job as craftser (sp). I plan on going to visit my parents in London next spring and have enough money saved for my ticket...Sam will be mom will pay for Joanna...and your orders will pay for Kirk. :) Above is a picture of our beautiful daughter and my new hat design of the season. This hat is selling for $25, pick your own colors. I'm still making my design from last year with the earflaps, which is especially good for babies who like to take off their hats. And of course onsies...

Which brings me back to the real original purpose of this rambling blog...I did a tutorial for my onsies and you can now view it on Whip Up. Give me lots of great comments. :)

Chicken and Vegetable Bake

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Tomato Muncher
Here's a recipe I got from my Mom. It would be great with rice or is also fine plain (it might be from a South Beach diet book).

Place the following in a 9 X 13 pan:
- 4 chicken breasts
- 1 zuchini, chopped
- 1 yellow squash zuchini, chopped
- 1 C carrots, chopped
- 1 onion, yep, you guessed it, chopped
- 1 red pepper, chopped

Mix together and pour over chicken and vegetables:
- 1/4 C olive oil
- 1 t parsley
- 1 t marjoran
- 1 t thyme

Bake at 350 for 45 min, covered.
Pour over and bake for 10 more minutes.
- 16 oz. can diced tomatoes (I don't recommend letting your 2 year old dice the tomatoes)

New Items for Sale

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I have a few new items for sale in my LittleKnots shop. And a few more are on their way...a dung beetle ("waste not, want not") and an owl. Then I plan to find a new hat pattern for cooler weather.

But here's a funny conversation with Joanna. We generally eat cold cereal for breakfast. Granola for me and Kirk and Joanna rotates between granola, Cheerios, and cheerio seeds (i.e. Grapenuts). On the back of the Cheerio box are pictures of some of the largest animals/birds and some of the smallest. Did you know that the pygmy shrew is only 2 inches tall..."that's as big as Mommy's thumb," I tell Joanna. Also, a baby giraffe is 6 feet tall when it is born, "that's taller than Daddy!" Joanna proceeds to point to the whale and says, "Mommy, the whale is taller than you!"

7.25 027.jpgI was reading Joanna the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake the other day. This is another book by Laura Joffe Numeroff with a similar story line to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. As I read the book I began to realize that I was the little girl in the book...and Joanna was the pig. Much of the day, for the mother of a toddler, is spent trying to keep up with the energy, passion, sporadic, destructive nature of her toddler. Some days I feel like all I do is clean up messes: alphabet magnets on the kitchen floor, poopy diapers on the changing table, potty-training accident on the couch, toys and beads and stuffed animals in Joanna's room, spit-up on my clothes, blocks and puzzle pieces on the living room floor, dirty dishes and counters in the kitchen, TONS of laundry.

7.25 033.jpgBut in the midst of all of that...Samuel smiles and laughs when you make faces at him. Joanna and I crawl around pretending to be monkeys, hide behind the chair eating kangaroo food, sword fight with various Mr. Potato head parts. We sing made-up songs and use silly words. And I watch Joanna run out to meet Daddy coming home from work (no matter how fully clothed she is) and smile, with such a deep joy in my heart.

Discipline is hard for me these days. I am often quick to correct, beg, and plead, but can be slow to spank. Thus Joanna continues to say "no," speak disrespectfully, and not obey the first time. Good discipline is SO hard!!! I've got to pray more for God's long-suffering, patient, love to flow through me.